Need a Haircut in Carmel?

If you are looking for a men’s cut, Bixy Barber Co. in Carmel-by-the-Sea is a great experience. Located on Mission & 7th, Bixby provides everything you didn’t know you needed from a barber – a neck massage, warm towel, great styling products, the list goes on. With chairs and decor that harken back to the 50’s, and a small intimate atmosphere, Bixby is the perfect match for an excellent Carmel men’s haircut. I scheduled a cut with Rachel Amaya, the owner, to learn more about her business.

bixby barber co

Rachel went to Cosmetology school 10 years ago, and noticed that the program only had a week long session of learning to cut men’s hair – the rest was dedicated to women. Rachel was always interested in hair and makeup, so she went to cinema makeup school to learn how to do special effects makeup in Los Angeles, and quickly landed a job at MEL – Makeup Effects Laboratories. She worked on a variety of characters from monsters to power rangers to Iron man. Rachel would frequent barbershops with her husband Anthony who was in the military and got his haircut every two weeks. They would travel and explore new barbershops together, and the interest in becoming a barber started to grow.

Rachel moved to the Monterey Peninsula, and since there wasn’t a market for special effects, she had to figure out what to do next. She noticed a demand for local barbers, and decided she would go to barber school in 2014-2015. She trained under and shadowed some very well known barbers in the industry. After working at a shop in Pacific Grove, Rachel started looking for her own space and opened up Bixby Barber Co. inspired by our beautiful Bixby Bridge. Rachel has three kids, and loves to skateboard, exercise, and spend time at home. Some of her favorite local eats include Rise & Roam and Stationaery.

carmel barber

Hope you enjoyed this local business spotlight. Stop by Bixby for a great cut, and say hello to Rachel!