Monterey County is full of beautiful places to live, but one thing to keep in mind is the difference in microclimates wherever you go! It may be sunny in Monterey, cold and foggy in Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove, and swimsuit weather in Carmel Valley at the same time. When you’re considering where to live in Monterey County, the weather should be a big factor. Another factor to consider is the school district. Here’s a look at all schools near Carmel, and notice the 10/10 ranking the Carmel School District has earned! Looking for a full guide to Carmel Valley? Click here.

Where to Live in Monterey County | Carmel Valley | How’s the Weather?

Carmel Valley has the warmest weather on the Monterey Peninsula. If you love summer activities, take a look at Carmel Valley when considering where to live in Monterey County. In the summertime, it can get over 100 degrees. In the winter, sunny days are not uncommon. Very few homes along the Monterey Peninsula are equipped with air conditioners, but the ones that have them are usually in the valley, and the deeper you go, the hotter it is. Here’s a live weather tracker below. 

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Best Breakfast in Carmel Valley

Kathy’s Little Kitchen has great breakfast burritos when you’re pressed for time, but if you’re looking for a sit-down meal and maybe a mimosa, try Jeffrey’s (they also make candied pecans and walnuts – we are raving fans). Trailside is also very good. Here’s a map of our favorite places for breakfast in Carmel Valley. Click the icons for more information on each, and use the zoom function to pinpoint the location. 

Living in Carmel Valley | The Wine Community

The Carmel Valley wine experience is too good to be true. The Santa Lucia Highlands offers a perfect climate and produces the finest grapes. We are very fortunate to have wines of this caliber in our backyard. Here are some of our favorite local winemakers.


Best Parks in Carmel Valley

Parks are a fun feature when considering where to live in Monterey County. Garland Park is a fun way to spend an afternoon with your puppies and loved ones. The hiking trails are abundant with many variations for a novice to experienced hikers and everyone in between. Seeing Carmel Valley from the top of the Garland trails is a beautiful sight that we would recommend to anyone looking for an adventure.

The Carmel Valley Village Park is a nice way to relax and unwind. Children love the seemingly endless rolling hills covered in grass, and adults can enjoy a fun picnic with friends and family. It’s also dog-friendly!

Which Reminds Us! Carmel Valley Farmers Market

Right next to the park is the CV farmers market where you’ll meet Buck with Italian sausages of the highest quality, adjacent to a choice between two food trucks – Mexican and Indian cuisine. Both are fantastic. A 50-foot walk with your lunch to the park is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon watching the kids play and the dogs rejoice in getting out of the house. Here’s Zach’s view from the park last weekend on a very sunny Sunday.