2019 is the year that will prove to real estate consumers why working with a tech savvy agent is no longer a perk, but a new standard when operating in luxury real estate markets like ours here in Carmel, Carmel Valley, Pebble Beach and our surrounding neighborhoods. This is the first in a two-part series. The next piece will relate to buyers both local and out of the area, while this is information is more catered to local sellers.

Why Carmel Sellers Need a Tech Savvy Realtor


Nearly gone are the days of wet signatures, though we still do them if our sellers prefer it to electronic signatures. For the majority of sellers, signing documents electronically is preferred and many sellers will sign from their phones even if they are out and about. They use their data plan or find wi-fi and after a few Docusign thumb taps, they’ve negotiated a deal or completed one more step in the process of selling their home. This concept applies to agents, too. Agents are becoming more and more mobile every day. We are no longer confined to our desks, we take our office with us in our briefcase everywhere we go. We can be on a road trip and pull over to stop at a coffee shop and work on a transaction. Even more efficient – our spouse can drive while we use the Docusign app on our phone to send the client what they need. Our entire business is in the cloud, so we have access to any document we need from any of our mobile devices. Not every agent does this, and we’ve found a noticeable level of client satisfaction just based on our ability to work quickly and efficiently no matter where we are. We also have team members, if one of us is off the grid there’s another managing our practice, but that’s another story. (link)

Tangible Data

Agents taking full advantage of tech in their business have systems for gathering data to help us guide the client and work together to make decisions on price, marketing etc… We study analytics on our online listing activity and use that data to compare our pricing strategy with the rest of the market. We keep a detailed log of showing feedback, open house comments, etc. These logs are in the cloud so they don’t get lost. We advertise online and can track the performance of our ads which we can then review with our sellers. When we go to the seller with recommendations, we are an open book. This kind of organization doesn’t come from tech, but tech is the vehicle that allows us to exploit our strengths and create a better client experience, which ultimately is our number one objective.