Checklist for Buying a Home in Carmel Valley

If like us, you’re enamored by the sunny weather, valley views, school district, privacy and better price per square foot that Carmel Valley has to offer, you might consider making it a lifestyle rather than the occasional visit. Buying a house in Carmel Valley is a fun process, just ask our friends Heidi and Kurt, but it always helps to have a checklist to stay organized and prepared along the way. We put together a checklist for buying a home in Carmel Valley, and we hope you find it useful! 

Checklist for Buying a Home in Carmel Valley

Checklist for Buying a Home in Carmel Valley

  1. Determine if you require traditional financing, if you are in a cash position, or if seller financing may be applicable.
  2. If you need a loan, get your pre-approval out of the way so you know what you can qualify for.
  3. Call your Realtor and tell them about your real estate preferences. What are you looking for? What are your basic necessities? What are some extra’s that wouldn’t hurt?
  4. Meet with your agent and figure out which properties you want to see. Your agent will coordinate a property tour. If you don’t find the right house on the first tour, don’t get discouraged. The right opportunity will come around.
  5. Once you find a great house, consult with your agent on the best strategy for making an offer on the property. Each property is different – different reason for selling, different financial situation of the seller. Take time to learn about the property and the seller, and you will have the information you need to negotiate and present an offer.
  6. Once you have an accepted offer, you enter escrow. Begin inspections immediately. Best to get them out of the way to keep on track with the escrow schedule. Extensions can be done, but they are not encouraged.
  7. Start with a home inspection – this should outline if any issues need to be further evaluated by a professional who specializes in those tasks. Get a pest report, as well. Some questions to ask:
    1. What’s the water situation? Public or private? 
    2. Is the property on septic? When was the last pump done?
    3. Are there any easements on the property?
  8. Once you have your inspections, determine if you would like to negotiate any repair work or credits for repairs.
  9. Consider what kinds of insurance you may need. Some Carmel Valley properties on the southern end of Carmel Valley Road are in the 100 year flood plain or even in the flood zone.
  10. Throughout this due diligence process, your lender should be keeping you current on loan progress. Once you have full loan approval, remove your loan contingencies. All contingencies should now be removed unless you have a contingency for sale of another property or something along those lines. Once contingencies are removed, all that’s left is signing loan documents, title transfer, and close of escrow.

Congratulations, you are now a Carmel Valley homeowner! Click here to watch a video about our clients’ experience buying a home in Carmel Valley. 

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