Pacific Grove has been continually recognized as one of the top visitor’s destinations in the area. This quaint and charming town is known as America’s Last Hometown. Pacific Grove real estate offers an ideal quality of life with plenty to do both indoors and outdoors, from the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary and farmer’s markets to all of the recreational adventures that await.


As if that’s not enough:


Pacific Grove real estate is known for its many Victorian houses that line the quiet streets. These houses–along with the cottages and other highly sought after estates–are home to writers, artists, and other community-focused residents who truly add to the area’s charm.


If you want to stay on land, you can take a walk through the parks and trails, play a round or two of golf at the Pacific Grove Municipal Golf course or walk along the coastal trail at Lover’s Point. The Pacific Grove shoreline is one of the most scenic areas on the Monterey Peninsula and is enjoyed by runners, walker and bikers.


The annual migration of the Monarch butterflies attracts visitors from near and far every winter–hence the area’s nickname: Butterfly Town. Favorite local restaurants include Fandango and The Passion Fish, and don’t miss the Feast of Lantern’s Celebration and Good Old Days.

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