Carmel Valley Village Views – Residential Sales Increased in 2016

Welcome to our 2017 Carmel Valley Village Market Update! Carmel Valley Village area residential sales in 2016 increased to a total of 63, as compared to 59 in 2015. This 6.7% increase in the number of residential sales is a continuation of a strong and consistent market in Carmel Valley. There were 8 sales in 2016 for over $1.5m compared to only 3 in 2015. The median selling price in 2016 was $940,000 as compared to $790,000 in 2015. The average selling price in 2016 was $1,047,354 compared to $878,675 in 2015. The 2016 average selling price for townhomes was $718,500 compared to $658,333 in 2015.

One factor affecting the high end of the Carmel Valley Village marketplace is the strong activity in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Although their markets are slowing somewhat and returning to a more normal market, over 60-65% of our buyers in the Carmel Valley Village area come from Los Gatos-Saratoga, north to San Francisco and Marin and their economy has a direct impact on the strength of our marketplace.

Carmel Valley Village View

2017 Carmel Valley Village Market Update – Projections

In 2017 we expect residential sales to once again be strong in the marketplace. Inventories are balanced and the demand will again be steady. Carmel Valley’s reputation as a wonderful lifestyle and living environment continues to inspire and attract families to the area.

Carmel Valley Village Quick Facts

  1. Population – 4407
  2. Elevation – 846 ft
  3. Average Low Jan Temp – 39 degrees
  4. Average High Jan Temp – 62 degrees
  5. Notable Vegetation – California Live Oaks and Valley Oaks
  6. Number of Wine Tasting Shops – 25

Where am I?

LOCALS FAVORITE – the best place to meet your friends and enjoy an early morning wake up Latte with a freshly baked muffin or croissant!

Carmel Valley Village Milk Barn

Back in the Day | 2017 Carmel Valley Village Market Update

LOCATED IN THE CARMEL VALLEY VILLAGE, this iconic building was constructed in 1890 by one of the area’s early pioneers, William Hatton. The building was originally used as a creamery for Hatton’s successful dairy business.

Since being a dairy, the “old milk barn” has been home to Carmel Valley’s first post office, a stagecoach stop on route to Tassajara Hot Springs, an art gallery, and a handful of local favorite restaurants. Much of the original architectural details are still in place today, including the innovative dairy ventilation tower, perched above the roofline.

Today, exposed ceiling rafters, period glass and a sense of history surrounds guests while tasting Cima Collina wines.

Tip o’ the Month

PG&E offers free gas appliance checks to keep customers safe and warm. Take advantage of this opportunity and call PG&E at 831.648.3231

Carmel Valley Village Nature Walk

Nature Walk

FOR THE AGES. The Carmel Valley Village is home to many Heritage and Landmark California Live Oaks and Valley Oaks. Many of these trees are over 250 years old and have been a silent witness to the changes in the surrounding landscape. 

Coming Events

Sunday, February 26th – Carmel Valley Chamber of Commerce – 5th Annual Night with the Stars at Quail Lodge & Golf Club to honor the 10 nominated businesses of the year.

Sunday, February 26th – Carmel Valley Art & Wine Celebration – The Carmel Valley Art and Wine Celebration, held throughout Carmel Valley Village, is basically a block party, with the best wines and finest art.