A Recent Interview with Realtor.com

Over the years, we’ve had a few exciting interviews with Realtor.com regarding our coastal listings. We filmed the most recent interview of 14 Upper Coastlands.

“This was one of the first homes built in what is known as the Coastlands area, and the Coastlands was a small part of the very large Post Ranch that had been homesteaded way back in the 1800s by the Post family in Big Sur. This property was on the cover of Sunset Magazine in 1938 – if we were around then it would have only cost 10 cents! It’s amazing.

It’s one of the most dramatic sights in Big Sur. If you stop and think about 1938 the road that opened up Big Sur was put in in the early 1930’s, so this was one of the first home sites that was ever built on in the Coastlands by a famous architect by the name of Winchton Risley. He had a lot of famous buildings in Los Angeles, but this was one he did for his client, Russel Fields up in Big Sur. It’s got a view South about 40 miles down the Big Sur coastline, it’s just incredible. My client added to this, he was able to acquire a property contiguous to it, and then about 15 years ago another very renowned architect by the name of Rob Carver built a beautiful guest residence. If you’re standing on the deck looking direct West, you can turn 90 degrees and you’re looking down the coast line about 40 miles, and you turn right about 45 degrees and you’re looking up the coastline. So, you just have an expansive view!”