How do we keep track of our water? – BlueBot

Until recently, monitoring our water usage has been very limited. Every month we check our bill and see how much water we used. We can compare it to previous months for more data, but in general, monitoring water is a bit of a challenge, which certainly poses risk for leaks we might not be aware of.

Using and Tracking – BlueBot

BlueBot is a one size fits all intelligent water meter that clamps onto various plumbing materials up to two inches. The corresponding app for your smart phone provides historical data, weekly trends, and daily activity. The best part is the alerts when a leak is detected. A text message is sent to your phone when a leak is detected by the Bluebot.

Best Practices – BlueBot

A few areas you might install a bluebot include the water main and irrigation main. The app connects to the cloud and can be shared amongst family members so everyone is aware of up-to-date water usage information.