Since having our baby, Isabel and I have been brainstorming the best places for dates with a little one here on the peninsula. I thought I’d share our first three outings with you because finding a comfortable place for the three of us is kind of unnerving when we don’t know what we’re doing or what to expect in a public setting!

We decided open space was the main criteria whether inside or outside, so our first outing was Dust Bowl! We sat inside on the comfortable chairs and had the whole corner to ourselves. Baby was asleep the whole time! We traded off holding her while the other parent ate from Wedo’s Taco Truck. Music was playing and it was pretty loud, which I think was perfect white noise for the baby. 

Our next outing was a walk on scenic on a warm day. We’ve had the best weather this month and it was a perfect beach day, so we picked up sandwiches from 5th Ave Deli, loaded up the stroller, and went to Carmel! Baby got some sun, and smelled ocean for the first time, while the adults sat on one of the benches enjoying our first visit with Mother Nature in weeks! What a day. 

Third date was a flashback to our days living in the valley – Baja Cantina. It was another warm day and we wanted to sit outside, so Baja was the perfect fit. Spacious, a little busy which was perfect to distract the baby, and great music. 

We’re looking for more places for little family dates, let us know your favorites!