Looking to spend a relaxing day at the pool?

We’ve looked into joining one of the local country clubs to have access to a great pool during the warm weather and maybe play more golf, but since we haven’t quite found the right fit, we decided to try a day pass to the Hyatt in Monterey. What a cool experience! We arrived around 11am and had lunch in the outdoor patio section. They were grilling steak and chicken sandwiches, and had a few other nice items on the menu. They had fun specialty cocktails and a nice selection of beverages. There were outdoor games to play, a fitness center, and two beautiful pools to choose from. We stayed about four hours and had a blast, it was a great way to get our pool fix without jumping into a country club membership, and the location was very convenient. The fog rolled in a little too early on this particular day, but we’ll be back for another pool day soon as we head into our Fall warm weather!