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There are so many neighborhoods in Monterey – it can be almost overwhelming for buyers trying to identify where they should be focusing their search. There’s Alta Mesa, Deer Flats, Spaghetti Hill, New Monterey, Del Monte Beach, Peter’s Gate, Monte Vista, and the list goes on! One area that brings tremendous value for buyers looking for a better bang for their buck is the Highway 68 corridor. This area also comes up for buyers looking in Carmel Valley or Carmel because the homes are substantial, but the price per square foot of Highway 68 real estate is wonderful when compared with other neighborhoods closer to town.

Highway 68 Lifestyle

Potential Negatives

You’re living a little further out from conveniences and amenities that you wouldn’t drive far to reach if you lived in Old Town Monterey or Del Monte Beach. You also have to deal with traffic as there are people commuting to and from Monterey, as well as to and from Salinas. In addition, the lots are generally much larger so you have more to maintain. For some, living more remotely can be a benefit – for others, a liability.

Sure Positives

68 homes were generally built more recently than many of the homes from the 1950’s-1970’s in other parts of Monterey closer to town. The homes are larger, and you might be paying $1,500,000 for a big property that could easily cost upwards of $2,500,000 if it were in town. Many of these homes have 4 bedrooms, so they’re great for families with kids and extra space for guests or in-laws. Many of the lots are large enough for a sizable guest house, so your guests can have great privacy when they visit.

Highway 68 Homes For Sale

Living off Highway 68 can be the perfect balance for someone who doesn’t mind living a little further from town to achieve great square footage, large lots, and beautiful terrain. Some of the highway 68 listings even have a distant ocean view!

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