Why Hire a Monterey Peninsula Realtor

It’s true, a picture tells 1,000 words, and in this day in age, you can find a great house on Zillow, make an offer and close escrow using your keyboard. So why hire a Monterey Peninsula Realtor when you can skip that step altogether? Here are three very good reasons.

  1. Why Hire a Monterey Peninsula Realtor | Local Nuances

    Our market is strange. It’s primarily a second home market, and the most subtle nuances impact values in the biggest way. Why did the home on Casanova and 13th sell $200,000 more than the one on Casanova and 12th with the same square footage? What is the ocean view really worth? Is there a small easement owned by the city that makes the property difficult to sell? What can be done about that easement to help a buyer? Why are there three school districts in Pebble Beach, and how does that impact home values? These are the questions that at this time, Zillow’s algorithm doesn’t have the capacity to answer. Will it in the future? Maybe, the world is changing faster than many of us are adapting, but this is where real estate agents shine. Knowing how to advise buyers and sellers with difficult, yet critical subjects that affect the outcome of your life-changing decision to buy or sell a property.

  2. Why Hire a Monterey Peninsula Realtor | Save Time and Hassle Scheduling Tours

    Are you texting/calling 25 listing agents to coordinate showings? Is it hard to keep track of which agent corresponds to which property? Are you getting bombarded by real estate salespeople thinking you are working with them exclusively? If you picked one you really like, they will schedule all property tours, communicate with all listing agents and sellers, and make it a seamless process. Best of all, you only have to deal with one agent or team trying to sell you something instead of 25!

  3. Why Hire a Monterey Peninsula Realtor | Don’t Miss Opportunities

    You may see a property come up on Zillow on Monday and think it’s worth a visit. You schedule a tour with the listing agent for Wednesday, but it was priced so well, it’s already in escrow by the time Wednesday comes around. You’re devastated, but if you had a relationship with a Realtor, they would have called you on broker tour and said 15 agents were at the house calling their clients, and it’s going to go quickly if you don’t jump on it. It’s this level of quick service you need in our seller’s market on the Monterey Peninsula.

For many Monterey Peninsula buyers, working with an agent signifies making a commitment to buy a house, and that can be intimidating. But you have to remember, we don’t get paid until the seller pays us a commission, and you’re not obligated to do anything until you get into contract. These are some of the ways hiring an agent in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Big Sur, Monterey, Carmel Valley, and Pacific Grove can help you. If you are looking to buy or sell on the Monterey Peninsula, schedule an appointment with us today!