Carmel River Steelhead Organization

Since 1974, The Carmel River Steelhead Association has been fighting for steelhead. Steelhead are trout that hatch in healthy, fast flowing rivers and streams. Steelhead that stay in fresh water all their lives are known as rainbow trout, but the ones that migrate to the ocean and return to the river to spawn are referred to as steelhead. The life of a steelhead is challenging, even tumultuous during their spawn because they are deeply affected by the condition of the river.

Here’s a look at a large steelhead recently spotted near Cachagua. Incredible!

The Carmel River Steelhead Association has an important mission – to restore and conserve the federally threatened steelhead fishery on the Carmel River and its watershed. Their objective is to return the Carmel River watershed to as natural a state as possible so that it will maintain an annual run of adult steelhead in excess of 2,000 fish. A major component of their duties is rescuing the young fish as water dries up in summer months. The group has averaged about 10,000 young steelhead rescues per year. As of September 5th, 2019, there have been 17,538 steelhead rescued in 2019!

Find their website here for more information and access to their great newsletter.