A Craft Cocktail Enthusiast’s Dream

Pearl Hour, formerly Carbones, is a trendy, innovative cocktail bar with both indoor and outdoor areas each with their own bar. The cocktail menu is impressive with a solid foundation of modified classics, and others that are out-of-this-world unique and delicious. Pearl Hour often has live music or a DJ, and the spacious setting accommodates guests without requiring reservations. One thing I am particularly fond of is the way Pearl Hour collaborates with local talent. For example, they recently held a pop up with renowned local bartender Joshua Perry, who you can regularly find at the new and wonderful restaurant Cella in downtown Monterey. For this event, Josh created a four cocktail menu centered around the complex liqueur Chartreuse, an herbal liqueur with a rich history that he was able to mix with Gin, Whiskey, Tequila. As a cocktail lover myself, I enjoyed talking with Josh about his creations and passion for bartending. Pearl Hour has other exceptional bartenders, so if you are interested in experiencing a world class cocktail, stop by Pearl Hour for a drink. 

We are always looking for the best local spots, and this is one for the books! Located in New Monterey next to several great restaurants including Bistro Moulin, Hula’s Tiki, and Sea Harvest. Other great craft cocktail bars around the Monterey Peninsula include Montrio Bistro, 7D Steakhouse, and Cella!