How many single family homes in Carmel went “pending sale” in the last 30 days?  Hint:  In the previous two 30 day periods the total pending sales were 16 and 15.

a)  10

b)  15

c)  22

d)  30

The answer is…D, 30!  Yes, 30 homes went pending in the last 30 days in Carmel.  This is a BIG number!  Now, all these homes won’t sell.  Some of these escrows will fall through (in fact 5 have fallen through already) but 3 have already sold too!  The bottom line is that 15 or so pendings in a month is pretty good, but to double that number in just a month’s time is phenomenal.  This tells me that buyers are jumping back into the market to snatch up opportunities at pricing levels not seen in 8 years or more.  Are you one of those sitting on the fence?  This might be right time to hop off and get to it!