In the last 30 days, how many potential buyers of Carmel real estate decided that now is the right time to buy, and entered into a contract to do so?

A)  4

B)  9

C)  12

D)  18

The answer is D, 18.  Yes, that’s right, 18 buyers got off the fence, pulled the trigger, and made the decision that it was a good time to buy Carmel real estate (view a report of all 18 properties here).  If you read or watch the news these days, you might think that nobody has the courage to purchase real estate in an economy such as this, but in fact people are indeed buying.  Have we hit bottom?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  For lots of buyers though, it’s close enough.  I’m thinking in the coming months lots of other buyers will follow suit.  There seems to be lots of pent-up demand for real estate that is liable to be unleashed once buyers get a whiff that we might be at bottom.  If that happens, we might just be in for an exciting 2009…