Here’s an excerpt from our local Realtor board talking about the number of Realtors in our area.  Looks like the softening market is taking it’s toll on Realtors as well  …  “Collection of the 2008 NAR and CAR dues has been completed. Our count as of today stands at 1562 REALTOR® members. That’s an 8% drop from the 1689 member count at the beginning of the dues collection in November. We did lose about 11% of members during our mid year collection last July but our overall net for the past twelve months (taking in consideration new members) remains around 10%. Our highest member count was in July of 2006 with 1860 REALTOR® members. Our affiliate membership currently stands at 82 offices with 199 members.”  To help with the math, that’s a total drop from July 2006 of 16%!