Starting off Your Sunday Morning in Carmel

We live on the Monterey Peninsula, and we wanted to take a day to find out the ideal way to spend a Sunday morning in Carmel-by-the-Sea. There are many ways to spend a beyond satisfying morning in Carmel, but we’ll take you through ours, starting with breakfast – it was pretty amazing!

Breakfast in Carmel

There are so many options to choose from – Village Corner, Carmel Belle, we opted for Katy’s – a local favorite. The Eggs Benedict is out of this world!

Post-Breakfast Walk-About

We wanted to walk around Carmel, but dig a little deeper than Ocean Avenue. Ocean is great, but in the past we’ve walked by some seemingly secret passages or alley-ways  in Carmel that we didn’t have time to explore, but made mental notes to come back. On this fine Sunday morning, we did just that, and found some hidden gems. For example, this inviting little plant by Mulligan’s outdoor breakfast patio – wow!

Down to Carmel Beach

We couldn’t have picked a better day – it rained all weekend, and the sun was shining. There were so many cute dogs on the beach, and many families taking photos for next year’s holiday cards. It was an impromptu beach visit, so we weren’t prepared with chairs or an ice chest, but sitting on the soft, warm sand was more than enough to round out our morning in the best way. Of course – a quick selfie, and a shot of our favorite Cypress tree.

What’s your ideal Sunday morning in Carmel-by-the-Sea? We’d love to hear in the comments below.