The Pocket – Carmel

Isabel and I love finding the best happy hour spots on the Monterey Peninsula! This week we tried something new – a place tucked into the heart of downtown Carmel called The Pocket. In 2020, The Pocket opened and appears to have had great success with a flow of customers and a beautiful modern Carmel setting. In addition to the restaurant, there are two rooms where guests can stay – a top level and bottom. The overall aesthetic of the The pocket is tastefully remodeled Carmel charm with contemporary accents and it is absolutely stunning – the perfect place for a happy hour date.

When you think of happy hour, sometimes it can be a bit disappointing because of the lack of quality, but The Pocket spares no expense with wonderful bites, spirits, and thoughtfully curated cocktail recipes. The happy hour food menu has an assortment of options. We tried tacos and hamburgers, and they were exquisite. It is rare to find such a well-balanced happy hour menu where you feel as though you are getting a great value and a wonderful experience. The vibe is exactly what we look for and it exceeded our expectations. We had a great conversation with the bartender, Alex, and look forward to seeing him again soon. The pocket is located on Lincoln near sixth Avenue and there’s an easy walk to Ocean Ave and the beach!