The True Value of a Real Estate Agent

When you think of a great real estate agent, what comes to mind? A few components might be: great negotiator, excellent marketer, responsive and communicative. These are all true, but there are so many more skills and values that comprise a top notch Realtor. We’ve compiled a short list of some of the items we’ve seen our clients gain the most value from. 


A real estate agent with an extensive network of professionals is worth their weight in gold! We’re not just talking about a preferred lender and title company, though those are two of the most important for your transaction in the moment! It’s the little things that really stand out and differentiate an experienced luxury broker. For example – suppose you are re-locating to a new area and you are basically starting from scratch. You might need a new CPA, an attorney, a wealth manager, a hair-dresser, a handyman, a gardener, an honest reputable contractor, recommendations to wine clubs and great restaurants, clubs for hobbies, networking groups of your own and so much more. They know the right salesman at the dealerships, the best place to get your nails done, the best wedding venues and photographers, the list goes on. A great real estate agent knows these people, has interviewed the top local professionals and formed relationships with the best of them saving you time, money, and headaches. 

Extensive Education

Getting your real estate license isn’t terribly difficult – you can get it in about four months taking an online course and then passing one exam. Every four years 45 hours of continued education is required to maintain your license. Great agents will go above and beyond with designations, certifications, masterminds and classes that keep them current on the latest marketing, technology and softwares to continuously enhance the client experience and improve their business. These education opportunities are rarely free, so agents will invest in themselves and their business to make themselves more and more valuable to their clients. Many of these educational events offer networking with other agents, which brings us to the last section of this article. 

Broker Relationships

A great agent will take advantage of networking opportunities with other agents around the world so that when their clients are moving, they have a contact in that location that they know personally and can recommend. This saves their client the headache of having to find and interview brokers, and it’s a great way for the agent to continue to provide a service as their clients are relocating. Good agents will also take time to form relationships with local brokers as well. Having a strong rapport amongst other local agents allows for more seamless transactions and good communication between parties.