The Wild Plumb, Monterey

We are always looking for more great places for brunch, and recently we discovered a real gem in Monterey called The Wild Plumb. What makes this place so special is not just the way they use locally sourced ingredients in their dishes – it’s how they use those ingredients to build wonderfully bold flavor profiles. There is nothing boring or bland, and each time I try a new dish I leave wondering what I’ll get to try next time. We have been recommending this place to our friends and family who visit, and wanted to share with our blog following. It is a must-try, Guy Fieri even thinks so! He stopped by and gave his thumbs up.

The Wild Plumb

The waitstaff is excellent – it’s a small cafe with experienced servers, top notch coffee and juices, beautiful wall art, and it has a great location downtown that gets a lot of sun in the morning. You can have a bite to eat, then walk to the wharf and gaze out at the boats in the harbor. They also serve lunch – the portions are huge and you leave feeling beyond satisfied! This is Monterey local cuisine at its finest, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.