The Carmel Public Library Foundation, with the help of many generous sponsors, organized one of the most successful and thought provoking events we’ve seen at the Sunset Center with author, Thomas Friedman. We would like to acknowledge the great work of the Carmel Public Library Foundation, thank the sponsors, and share some pictures of the event. The Sunset Center was packed – it was a full house!

Thomas was incredible, as was John Arquilla who interviewed Thomas. It was an engaging, riveting talk that produced great questions from the crowd and inspired a memorable night for all of us.

I had a chance to meet Thomas at the VIP reception. 

I enjoyed meeting him so much that I catered his private dinner in Pebble Beach – back to my roots as a waiter! Wendy Brodie’s waitstaff was top notch and her cooking was delicious. 

The Carmel Public Library Foundation started a book club led by Marci Meaux – board director. The first book was Thomas’s Still an Optimist. The first meeting had over 20 members – it was an overwhelming success. We encourage you to join and stay tuned for the next big event at the Sunset Center.