Property TaxIn 1988 California voters approved Proposition 90 permitting homeowners over 55 to transfer their property tax to another home in another county. The value of the home acquired had to be the same or less than the one they sold. Most of the 58 Counties adopted Prop. 90 and each county was mandated to allow Prop. 90 transfers for at least 5 years at which time they could revisit economic effects and choose whether to renew the transfers. Monterey County and most California counties chose not to renew the program. Seven California counties still honor Proposition 90: Alameda, Orange, San Mateo, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Clara and Ventura. Sellers interested in Proposition 90 should check with the destination county to be certain the transfers are still valid. Proposition 60 is nearly identical to Proposition 90 and allows the transfer of property taxes within the same county. Prop 60 is State Law and cannot be voted out by individual counties.It is possible under Proposition 90 or 60 to trade up slightly using an “inflation factor.” Over a two year period the replacement home may be adjusted 5% per year. These transfers are intended to be “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunities however there are exceptions if a homeowner has become severely or permamently disabled. Sellers should contact the Monterey County Assessor for further information.