A Story from Carmel Point

Leslie Talbot called us in 2016 to list her family’s home. It was evident that her responsibility as a trustee for 16 years was causing her stress, and she needed someone to make the sale as easy as possible. Leslie grew up in the house, and had many fond memories there that she shared with us. The house was stunning – we called it Clear Heart Carmel – a Mid Century modern 1800 sqft blast from the past designed by Tom Elston, a noted Frank Lloyd Wright collaborator. The reverse floor plan created a tree top sanctuary full of light and surrounded by decks. The clear heart redwood interiors and exteriors were stunningly rare. Leslie was sad to leave. Leslie told us that selling a house was a new experience for her, so we made sure our communication with her was clear and simple. Leslie met our whole team, and told us she felt like she made a bunch of new friends throughout the process. Needless to say, the feeling was mutual – she is the sweetest. Leslie got discouraged a couple times because the Carmel Point market was slowing down, but we kept her in good spirits and brought a buyer who cared for the integrity of the architecture the same way she and her family did. It was the perfect fit. Leslie told her experience with us was like an orchestra the way every step was in sync.