When is the best time to sell a house in Carmel Valley? This is a question many of our sellers in the valley have when deciding whether to sell their home. While timing is important, it is not as critical of a factor on the Monterey Peninsula as it may be in other markets. There are several exciting events throughout the year such as the Concours de Elegance, or the Pebble Beach AT&T Pro-Am Golf Tournament. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have your home on the market during these events as there are many tourists visiting, but our market is consistent year round. If homes are priced appropriately, they can sell quickly in Carmel Valley any time of year.

Are There Better Seasons than Others?

Whether you list in April or November, work with your agent to price the home appropriately based on the comparable offerings, sales, and buyer demand for your specific property. Every home is different, so consider the best features of your home – the features buyers are really looking for, and market those strengths heavily in the copy and photos.

Best Time to Sell a House in Carmel Valley

Chart demonstrates a 2017’s sale to list price ratio’s are consistent, and not seasonal.

The sale to list price ratio indicates roughly 97% average over the course of 2017. The fluctuations in the ratio show that the numbers are not influenced by the seasons, but maintain consistency throughout the year. This is likely due to the demand from buyers who want to retire or downsize in Carmel Valley, as well as young families with a strong household income looking to put their kids through the Carmel School District. There are also many second or vacation home buyers in Carmel Valley. When thinking about the timing to list your home, work with your agent to determine who the ideal buyer is, where they spend their time, and how often they visit if they are not local. This will help pinpoint the strategy when thinking about the best time to sell a house in Carmel Valley, but this market is very consistent year round, and with proper preparation, you won’t be disappointed.