If you are a roots reggae fan, and if names like Marley give you the pleasant kind of music vibe you want, you’ll love that on May 27-29, 2016, this year’s edition of the California Roots Music and Arts Festival takes place. The venue is the venerable Monterey County Fair and Event Center, or Monterey Fairgrounds as it used to be called. Among the opening acts on the first day will be Slightly Stoopid, J Boog, and Fortunate Youth. Following is more information so you can plan your attendance, or keep on top of the latest developments.

Let’s start with the venue. The festival organizers, in conjunction with the Fairgrounds, has every possible amenity and service in place for you. Among them:

  • Accessibility
  • First Aid
  • Parking
  • Stage schedules
  • Water refill stations

Everything is being put in a state of readiness, with safety, convenience, and enjoyment at the top of the list.

If great music from dedicated musicians isn’t enough, there are many other things happening at the festival. After parties are available, in the event you didn’t hear or do enough during the day, as well as there being an After Dark Lounge. There’s an Art Retreat, plus live paintings. There are great ways to help or contribute to various non-profit programs. There’s custom beer to quench your thirst, as well as the already-mentioned water refill stations.

The festival is serious about its greening efforts as well. In 2015, over 5,500 pounds of food waste was diverted from back-of-house areas. Almost 5,000 reusable containers were used. Over 29,000 single-use cups were kept from the landfill. You can read more about the greening process and successes here.

We mentioned earlier just three of the bands who will be at the festival. In fact, over the three days, there will be 45 bands or single musicians! Here are a few musician’s names for you:

  • Amp Live
  • Barrington Levy
  • Damian and Stephen Marley
  • Dub Architect
  • Bowman

To learn more about the event, please visit the main website. If you already know you want to jump in and buy tickets, please visit the event’s ticket page.

This list was accurate at the time of publication; please check directly with the venue(s) to ensure dates, times, and locations remain the same.

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