A dear friend gave us a gift card to Cultura – the former Jack London’s in Carmel – an outstanding location and it did not disappoint! Cultura is a wonderful balance of rich, traditional Mexican flavors with local ingredients and a modern perspective – Caviar in ceviche for example. 

cultura carmel

The margaritas are excellent – tart, delicious, perfectly salted. It’s hard to find the perfect margarita, but this is it. Cultura is known for the Chapulines – toasted & seasoned grasshoppers. They are really not bad, I’d recommend trying a sample, but that is just the beginning of the range of pleasant surprises that Cultura has to offer. The New York steak with a rich Guajillo chili sauce, the mole with smoked pork, citrus, and pickled veggies… Cultura will undoubtedly be a new experience for many including myself, and I highly recommend it.