Many have experienced the transition to remote work or a hybrid of both work from home and work from the office over the past couple of years. Some love the flexibility to work from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and sufficient internet connection, others prefer the structure of working in an office environment. 

I’ve noticed that while I do enjoy working from home, there are certain activities that I would prefer to be in an office for. I love answering emails and taking calls at home, but if I have a Zoom appointment, which tends to hold more significance than a quick call, I’d prefer an office setting with less distractions such as my pup getting a loud drink of water or a knock at the door from a visitor. I can imagine my clients with young children probably resonate with this more than I know! There’s always the local coffee shop, but then you see someone you know and it can be difficult to focus. 

Fortunately, Coldwell Banker has a nice office setting that I can use, but I thought of my clients who might have mixed feelings about remote work, and wanted to present a recently discovered opportunity for membership based office spaces with short term leases. 

The Worx provides flexible work spaces in Carmel. Conveniently located and beautifully renovated with various office sizes and levels of privacy. Costs vary, and the ability to rent space without a long term time commitment is wonderful. You can rent a conference room for group work, or a large or small office. There’s a coffee room great for meeting and networking with others. You can rent for a month, a week, a day, or even an hour of time for a quick meeting with a client. I think it opens up exciting possibilities for Carmel residents as work dynamics evolve.