Looking for a Great Tasting Room in Carmel? Try De Tierra

I’ve been a member at De Tierra for a couple of years now, and recently had the pleasure of meeting the new owner, Dan, when Isabel and I went in for a real estate meeting. There were just a few of us as they had just opened, but Dan provided excellent service. It’s always a nice feeling when the owner cares to spend quality time with their customers. My favorite wine at De Tierra is their Pinot Noir. The tasting room ambiance is spacious and welcoming with big windows that open up to create a naturally lit room with a cool breeze. The tables are big enough for laptops, and it can serve as a great venue for a casual work meeting. The wine glasses are substantial in size, and feel like they are of very good quality glass. There are many benefits involved with being a member, and I would encourage anyone looking for a wine club to consider De Tierra.

de tierra