Delta and I have been taking full advantage of the beautiful weather. I downloaded an app called AllTrails, which has been a great resource for finding trails nearby and gauging how doable they might be for our hiking appetite. Another great feature with the paid version of the app is that it syncs with your iPhone navigation and directs you to the trailhead. Highly recommend this app!

It’s strange that after years of attending CSUMB and living here on the peninsula for over 12 years, I still hadn’t hiked Fort Ord. There are so many trails and sights to see! Delta and I took a short drive to a trailhead and did a quick 2 miles in and out on the Jerry Smith Trail. The terrain changes quickly to a very open, sandy, and warm trail perfect for an afternoon in the sun. There were some other dogs and trail goers including horses and mountain bikers, but in general it was pretty quiet. Delta’s 10th birthday is coming up soon, so we’re trying to keep her active and fit, and she just loves the adventure. I love getting outside, and this was an easy way to spend a couple of hours exploring our peninsula. Check out Fort Ord if you’re looking for a nice hike!