My Local Thrive

We would like to feature a good friend’s new business known amongst Monterey Peninsula locals as My Local Thrive. For a few dollars a month, Thrive members receive exclusive deals for local restaurants and small businesses. The owner is Luke Young, a CSUMB graduate, bartender at Alvarado Street Brewery, and all around great guy. Luke partners with independently owned businesses on the Monterey Peninsula to give them more exposure with his community of members. In exchange, those businesses offer discounts, perks and special events to the Thrive members. Here is list of available businesses and perks, constantly expanding and increasing value to members and participating businesses. So far as Thrive members, we have enjoyed discounts on fresh veggies at the Alvarado Farmer’s Market from Halls Organics, discounted coffee beans from Captain & Stoker, and plans to attend special events once the shelter in place is lifted. Their instagram account @my_local_thrive that features live music from local musicians, fun trivia nights, and other engaging events that have kept weekends of sheltering in place very entertaining. It’s amazing how modern technology meets compassion to help bring people together during a time like this, and this service is quickly making its mark on our community. Cheers, Luke.