Monterey Bay FC

If you haven’t heard of the Monterey Bay Football Club, I am here to spread the news that we have an incredible professional soccer team and stadium on the CSUMB campus. 

I attended my first game recently and was excited to see some of my favorite local businesses as sponsors. The game began and I was excited to see the stadium almost completely full with a capacity of 6,000. Pretty incredible for little Seaside, CA. 

It came time to grab a bite, and there were a variety of local food trucks and great local beers to choose from. 

I went into the experience expecting a watch great soccer game and left in awe of the fact that this kind of an experience can be had right in our backyard. 

The energy and enthusiasm from the fans was incredible, it reminded me of going to see Giants games as a kid in San Francisco. 

I hope you all get a chance to see our local professional sports team and the community support that is rallying behind it. Also worth noting we just beat the San Jose Earthquakes!

Here’s a view of the beautiful Cardinale Stadium!