As I settle into my 31st trip around the sun, I’ve decided it is best to incorporate a bit of cardio to my workout routine. I bought a bicycle on Facebook Marketplace, and after letting it sit in the garage for a couple months I finally got the courage to shake the dust off and enjoy a ride. I wanted to get an ocean breeze, so I headed straight for the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail.

Some call it the bike path, others the rec trail. Stretching and winding 18 miles from Castroville to Pacific Grove, this was the perfect introduction to riding a bike as an adult. I made sure to get a bike with a lot of gears since hills were a concern, and I’m glad I did. I’m pleasantly surprised to say that I enjoyed my first ride, hills included, and felt the endorphin rush that probably keeps avid riders coming back for more time and time again. So much so that I returned the following week, and the week after, each ride going a little further. I rode with a friend one week and we had a blast catching up on the downhills, and pushing each other on the uphills. The other times I rode solo and enjoyed my alone time with my bike all the same. When I ride, I like to listen to a podcast or an Audiobook for what I find to be an ideal blend of mental and physical exercise. I have an iPhone holder on my handlebars which has been perfect for taking work calls while riding. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you would enjoy bike riding, you can rent a bike from Work Horse Bicycles in Monterey. If you want to try something new and you haven’t explored the rec trail on wheels, I highly recommend trying it. I’m very happy to have found a new interest.