I recently heard a great quote – “Don’t ask how, ask who?” It resonated with me because finding solutions is often times a team effort, and bringing talented team members together is a major part of the value a Realtor brings to the transaction whether on the buying side or the listing side. Every real estate transaction is different, and that is what makes our job as agents so fun and exciting!

When representing a condo or new construction home, the due diligence process is generally different from a more complex property where significant acreage is involved. For the condo you might have a home inspection, pest inspection and a chimney report for example. We recently represented a buyer on a purchase of a single family home on over 100 acres of land, and it required an extensive due diligence process where many professionals were brought in to discover and analyze new information, and consult the buyer on how to best proceed. When everyone is working together toward a common goal, it is impressive how much can get accomplished in a short amount of time!

We started with some of the basics – a home inspection, pest inspection, roof inspection, and since this property had a well, we brought in a hydrologist to analyze the water quality and infrastructure of the well. After the roof inspection, we consulted with a separate roofing contractor who is more experienced with a particular material and pitch of the roof. We connected the buyer with a great local real estate attorney to analyze the title report and review easements on the property. A general contractor was brought in to review issues identified in the home and pest inspections. Finally, we consulted with a radiant heat specialist to better understand the heat zones, and general repairs the system needed. Sometimes one particular specialist would work with a specialist in another area, and the synergy between the two created incredible value for the buyer.

As agents, it is fascinating to be involved in these kinds of transactions where we learn so much from the vetted professionals we bring in, and it deepens our experience in the market and what we can offer to future clients. Ultimately, the buyers learned a great deal about the property and ended up closing on the purchase. We work with some great people, and are always happy to refer them if you need any professional real estate services.