Pre-Listing Tips

One of the benefits of a good real estate agent is their familiarity with what buyers are looking for and how to appeal to a wide audience. When considering selling, it can be very beneficial for sellers to counsel with their agent on any ways to increase the value of their home before selling because it can be difficult to know what improvements create value and return, and what improvements are really just expenses that you might not get back. The truth is there’s no real formula and it depends on many factors including local design trends, market conditions, local climate, what you paid for the property originally, and so much more. Because of all the variables, good guidance from professionals can make a big difference in your selling experience. We have had recent clients make some wise cosmetic decisions prior to going on the market that resulted in strong interest from qualified buyers and a sale over the list price. When considering cost effective improvements, paint and low maintenance landscaping are at the top of our list. Another great way to give your home a fresh look is by painting the kitchen cabinets and installing new hardware. Painted doors and fresh new door handles can give the home a modern look, and we love new interior and exterior lights. These improvements don’t have to cost a lot of money, and can go a long way when sprucing up your home to sell. 

If you or your friends/family have any questions on the selling process, schedule a call with us here! We would love to give you our pre-listing tips. The market has been very hot lately with such low interest rates and Silicon Valley buyers looking to work from home in less populated areas.