What3Words Carmel Addresses

It’s no secret that Carmel addresses are complicated. You may have heard of the new company, What3Words, solving the problem of addressing around the world. Helping third world communities that have difficulty receiving supply shipments because their homes or even entire cities can’t be found is just one of the many ways What3Words is impacting society. There is a global issue of communities that do not have a specific address, creating a bottleneck for emergency services who can’t find people in need when time is of the essence. On a smaller scale, sometimes it’s hard for our clients to find properties we want to show them in Carmel because Casanova 4SE of 11th can be rocket science for someone who is not familiar with the current system. We hope this What3Words Carmel map helps you pinpoint any exact location you are looking for!
Carmel is one of the last communities to not adopt traditional addressing. Homes in Carmel-by-the-Sea are identified by the number of homes North, South, East, West, and everything in between intersecting streets. What3Words created a grid of the entire world broken up into 3 meter squares, and used three word combinations out of the dictionary to name each square. So, now you can pinpoint the exact location of your front door, your septic tank if you live in Carmel Valley, or your landing pad when your Amazon drone shipment arrives a few years down the line. Jeff Bezos has big plans for us!

What’s Your 3 Word Carmel Address?

We thought it would be fun for you to find your own three word address. You can zoom in and out with the map above to find your home, even your kitchen or BBQ. You can download the W3W app to your phone and send your location to your friends, or use the Maps and Waze navigation apps that integrate directly with W3W. Have fun, and let us know if you have any questions. There is so much potential here, and we think W3W is just getting started. This technology is helping people around the world, and we’re looking forward to seeing how it can help our local community. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on how What3Words can be applied locally, and what we can do to participate.

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