A few years ago, I interviewed three gallery owners in Carmel and wrote about them. This was inspired by my grandparents who bought several Christopher Burkett photographs in Carmel probably 25 years ago. Growing up I always thought they were beautiful in their house, but never realized their value until I became interested in art. 

My latest interest came shortly after moving into our new home with a need to fill some empty walls. There are so many avenues to finding art that you like – online stores like Saatchi, brick and mortar galleries, Pinterest and Instagram, World Market and Home Goods, the list goes on and on and it can be quite an undertaking. Designers are there to simplify this process, and can be found at a wide range of price points, but we were excited to take the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and our community. We try to support local businesses whenever we can, so this was a chance for us to dive into the flourishing Carmel and Monterey Peninsula art world, and we have barely scratched the surface!

Walking around Carmel you’ll notice many galleries. There are almost 100 of them! If you haven’t, I recommend walking into a few that catch your eye, asking questions, and learning some of the stories behind the astoundingly beautiful pieces our local artists create. You can learn more about Carmel artists at https://carmelart.org. Here are a few painters that have dazzled me lately. 

David Ligare

Gail Lehman

Michael Lynberg

Beau B Frank

Jeff Daniel Smith